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Support for your Organisation

Do you have enough Qualified Persons?  Are you expanding?  Struggling to recruit?  Does your succession plan look worryingly blank?

The shortage or QPs is now a reality.  How is the UK industry going to ensure a continued supply of this key resource without training new QPs?

Does your organisation need help in managing its QP training programme?  QPQuandary, in association with RSSL can help.

Candidate Selection

Getting anyone through QP training is a lengthy and expensive exercise.  How do you know that this is resource wisely invested?  The attributes of a good QP are numerous and varied; some of the most important such as problem solving skills, integrity and leadership are difficult to quantify.

QPQuandary can help.  We will provide a candidate selection service, based on interviews, assessments, workshops and team challenges intended to identify those individuals who will have the best attributes for a future career as a QP.

Before committing your company to a training and development programme, contact QPQuandary and ensure you have the right candidate for the right role.

Sponsor Selection

Acting as a Sponsor for a trainee QP is not an easy task, a Sponsor needs to be able to meet the prerequisites with respect to qualifications, being a QP themselves and having a professional relationship with the trainee.  They must also be able to support, coach and mentor the trainee; not to mention have the time and resources to carry out this role over the 2 to 4 years it can take whilst the training is taking place.

It is the in-house Sponsor who will be best placed to supervise and manage the training programme for your trainee QP.

QPQuandary can work with you to identify the most suitable person to act as Sponsor and to provide support to that person to ensure that they have all the information, tools and support that they require.

Latest QP Question

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Latest QP Scenario Practice

Iron Oxide - used as an excipient in many of your products. You find that the supplier has been irradiating the material without your knowledge. What implication does this have for your product? What does this mean for the effectiveness of your supplier oversight and PQS?


"The knowledge, guidance and advice provided by Alex was excellent. Alex has first hand knowledge of the requirements needed for candidates to be successful QPs and provides a level of training to meet these requirements. I can highly recommend QPQuandry as a service provider"
Alex Hern, Sanofi.


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