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Support for Trainee QPs

Individual Coaching

Even the most experienced of Quality Professionals may require help to identify gaps in their academic repertoire and candidates early in their careers with lots of potential may need to be given direction.

Key aspects of the QPQuandary approach include:

  • Gap analysis of technical and academic requirements
  • Interpretation of the QP Study Guide
  • Development of personal accountability for development
  •  ‘Socratic’ questioning approach to build understanding
  • Creative and stimulating atmosphere
  • Secure environment for trying out new things
  • Coaching in leadership behaviours
  • Real life scenarios used to demonstrate QP requirements
  • Tools and techniques for problem solving and decision making
  • Simplification of complex concepts

Group Sessions – now provided via RSSL Webtorials 

One of the best ways for people to learn is from their peers.  QPQuandary provides facilitation services for small groups of trainees where challenging scenarios are set and the experience of each individual contributes to the overall root cause analysis and issue resolution – just like it would in a workplace setting.

These group sessions are conducted via webconference, a great way to cut costs whilst getting the most out of the training experience.

Viva Preparation Sessions


Prepare for one of the most stressful days of your career with Alex at the RSSL facility.

Bring your Sponsor (or not) and learn how to best approach the Viva assessment process in a day adapted to suit your needs.

Latest QP Question

What are the requirements for unlicensed medicinal products in the UK, do you need QP certification? Where would you find guidance?

Latest QP Scenario Practice

Iron Oxide - used as an excipient in many of your products. You find that the supplier has been irradiating the material without your knowledge. What implication does this have for your product? What does this mean for the effectiveness of your supplier oversight and PQS?


"The knowledge, guidance and advice provided by Alex was excellent. Alex has first hand knowledge of the requirements needed for candidates to be successful QPs and provides a level of training to meet these requirements. I can highly recommend QPQuandry as a service provider"
Alex Hern, Sanofi.


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