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Monthly archive for September 2014

7 Common Myths about QP Training Debunked : A Guide for Senior Managers

White Paper Now Available   Click HERE to download your copy   The Seven Myths: As a practicing Qualified Person, QP trainer and self professed expert on the subject, I am asked the same questions over and over again; “exactly what is a QP?”, “what do I need

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Latest QP Question

What are the requirements for unlicensed medicinal products in the UK, do you need QP certification? Where would you find guidance?

Latest QP Scenario Practice

Iron Oxide - used as an excipient in many of your products. You find that the supplier has been irradiating the material without your knowledge. What implication does this have for your product? What does this mean for the effectiveness of your supplier oversight and PQS?


"The knowledge, guidance and advice provided by Alex was excellent. Alex has first hand knowledge of the requirements needed for candidates to be successful QPs and provides a level of training to meet these requirements. I can highly recommend QPQuandry as a service provider"
Alex Hern, Sanofi.


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